Transformers personas

A month ago, I got a hair cut. Now, my transformers persona (basically, me as a transformer) had a head that reflected my old hair cut. To reflect the new one, I had to tweak her a little, and the end result was this (which I fully approve of).20140710-121456-44096588.jpg

After drawing Typestroke, though, I started wanting to draw a couple more personas. Not all of my friends have one, so for the ones who didn’t, I drew characters of theirs or a favourite transformer. I didn’t get to ALL of my friends, unfortunately, but I got a few. :)






Recently, I got commissioned by a friend, and what she wanted was a recreation of a screenshot she sent me from this 80’s cartoon. It was really fun to make, even if I wasn’t exactly following the way they shaded things in the screenshot, and fortunately, she loved the result. :)20140710-121746-44266603.jpg

After I posted this on deviantArt, I was shown this screenshot from Facebook. Samantha Newark voiced Jem (and Ariel, who became Elita-One in Transformers G1), and apparently she liked the picture! :D


Drifting cherry chocolate

20140623-110310-39790653.jpgDrift, from AHM (All Hail Megatron) or MTMTE (More Than Meets The Eye) is difficult to draw. Why? Because the designs are supremely detailed. On the one hand, this makes IDW characters frustrating to draw. On the other hand (for someone like me, anyway), this makes them somewhat calming to draw, because there are details to focus on. Some may end up being a little off, but it’s all in the practice.

And I have maybe drawn Drift a grand total of three times, the first few being quick sketches to figure out his head shape.

This was a palette challenge pic suggested by Whatinsamhill on Tumblr.

Contemplative sunset

20140623-105742-39462205.jpgI arranged to do an art trade with Grimgribble on Tumblr, and they asked for a chibi version of their character named Eel. So of course, seeing as I really really admire their art style (I’ve been following them for a a few years. First on deviantArt, then on Weasyl, now on Tumblr), I went a little A B the C of D and added a background. Seeing as Eel changes colour to adapt to his environment, I had him transitioning from his warmer brown and pinkish colour scheme to his blue one, and that was quite interesting to shade, seeing as the transitions and shading were all done on one layer.

This was their half of the AT (which I love to bits and made my iPod home screen wallpaper).