Colour wheels and colour drop for Procreate

Recently, Procreate updated again, with even more fun features! So, I think I have mentioned how there isn’t a paint bucket tool, before. There still isn’t. There’s something better.

This new feature is called Colour Drop.

How it works is illustrated in the following screenshots (which, incidentally, were taken while I was working on pages for the webcomic I have started. There isn’t an update schedule yet, but I’m working on it. The WordPress blog is here, and has a link to the Tumblr (where extras, inspirations, related things, and fan art are posted). Please keep in mind the comic would probably be a PG-13 rating.)



Of course, the threshold shows how much of the area in the lines will be filled/how closely the colour will hug the aforementioned lines. How does colour drop know to hug the lines if it’s on a layer under them? Easy.

Reference layer.

While your currently selected layer is blue, your reference layer shows as purple (when it isn’t selected). When you activate alpha lock, you swipe the layer with two fingers to the right. To activate the reference layer, you swipe your fingers to the left, and presto! Colour drop now recognizes this as its guideline and doesn’t just fill the whole layer.

20140814-123941-45581217.jpg And once colour drop has filled in the shapes, you can use alpha lock and colour away to your heart’s content.

Now, aside from noticing this, another noticeable change has taken place in the colour window.


First off, we have a colour wheel, now! (Also, please ignore me saying to swipe the palette to the right, that was an error. I meant left.) This makes it slightly harder to get complete black or white, but when you pinch and zoom the circle in the centre, you have greater control over the exact shade of the colour you’re using. If you press the bar up in the top left corner, though…

20140814-124314-45794496.jpgTake a look! You can not only put in percentages of blue, green, and red to find colours, you can also put in colour codes that you can find off the internet or on palette sites (like Colour Lovers), and have that exact colour! And once you have a colour you like, you can add it to a palette by tapping to add it. But you can now also remove colours you no longer want. How? Tap the colour, wait until it ‘pops out’, then flick it off to the side. But wait, there’s more!

20140814-124619-45979266.jpgWhen you swipe your palette to the side, you can tap the ‘unnamed’ and give the palette a name, and save a seemingly unlimited number of palettes! You can organize them, work from this palette screen if you need multiple palettes, and delete or share them by simply swiping the palette to the left!

Of course, with these lovely new features, the first thing I made to test it all was an almost completely black and gray cover for my webcomic that I mentioned earlier.


Striker Eureka

After a most horrendous absence from the WordPress blogosphere, I return! I’ve been somewhat preoccupied with busy ‘real world’ life, discovering the wonders of Tumblr, drawing, and, as always, robots. There’s barely ever a moment I’m not preoccupied with robots during my down-time (it’s that, or gorgeous/absolutely ridiculous nature photos).

Now, one of my friends’ birthdays happened back in July, so this is horrendously late, but I managed to finish drawing a Striker Eureka picture for her, as that’s her favourite Jaeger from Pacific Rim (her favourite pilot is Chuck Hansen). And as I’m really quite pleased with it, let me present this for my sort of ‘return to blogging’ post.


Within the next few days, I should have a sketch post up, a post about the Procreate update that happened awhile ago, and some of the finished pictures I’m more proud of. Along with a possible other post, I need to figure out some things for it before I put it up (or indeed make a page relating to the subject in question).

Have a good day, full of creativity and wonderful coincidences!

Transformers personas

A month ago, I got a hair cut. Now, my transformers persona (basically, me as a transformer) had a head that reflected my old hair cut. To reflect the new one, I had to tweak her a little, and the end result was this (which I fully approve of).20140710-121456-44096588.jpg

After drawing Typestroke, though, I started wanting to draw a couple more personas. Not all of my friends have one, so for the ones who didn’t, I drew characters of theirs or a favourite transformer. I didn’t get to ALL of my friends, unfortunately, but I got a few. 🙂