Pin mail of the week! 3

It is time for me to share last week’s glorious haul (I would have posted this yesterday but time got away from me – I’ll be doing the March of Robots post soon too, hopefully also today)! This video is unrelated to the pins but I love it and took this as an excuse to share it. 👍


Here we go folks! Starting with the top left, I got this lovely assortment from Ashlea Bechaz, Verdigo, and an eBay seller. I’ve wanted those fish and dagger pins for awhile, but as soon as I saw the heavenly rooster and the seconds sale I knew I needed to grab that too (at some point I’ll get my hands on the health potion). The second heavenly rooster was purchased for a family friend who likes chickens. 😀 The pins are all hard enamel and oh boy they’re just perfect. I’m definitely looking forward to wearing the fish pins in as a pair on one of my collared shirts.

The Night Sky Girl pin by Verdigo is just perfect and I’ve wanted it ever since I saw it ages ago and I am so glad I got it. My only regret is not also snagging I Rock at the same time. I mean, I know it’s a night sky, but it makes me think of water for some reason and I love water themes 👌

The Wall-E pin is the first pin I’ve acquired that has a hinge and oh man, oh man I love it so much and I’m so glad I bought it. It blends in and has a low profile when it’s shut, but when it’s open it’s an adorable scene that makes me want to rewatch the movie and maybe cry into a bowl of fruit salad because these robots are so precious. It also has a nice weight to it! The top part is thicker and a little weightier than the part of the pin with the enamel, so it does pull on any fabric I pin it to, but I honestly don’t mind because the reactions I get when I open it and show the scene are just priceless.

This is combining two days but hey, on the one hand I do what I want and on the other hand both of these days had pins by Natelle Draws Stuff. The lovely pin of Charley (which is apparently the asset/creature’s name from The Shape of Water!) is from Bottleneck Gallery!

So let’s start with the Charley pin first since there’s only one pin from Bottleneck Gallery versus the six from Natelle. FullSizeRender (7)

So this pic makes it look a little more blue than it is but I liked the filter because hey it makes the blanket look like blood and that reminds me of the creature destroying Strickland and that’s beautiful. So! This pin is all soft enamel, though the water is opaque on this one instead of using transparent enamel like the pin I got from Native Gold. It’s about the same size and is from a limited run of one hundred, and I meant to wear them both as a collar pin set when the book for The Shape of Water was released, but unfortunately I mixed up the dates and didn’t do it. I’m hoping that when I check out the book I’ll enjoy it as much as I enjoyed the movie (and wow is that ever weird to say… usually it’s the other way around).

Now for the Natelle pins! So for the first four, there’s a Tui bird, Pepe the Possum, a tiny aardvark, and a tiny pika. For the other two, they were a collaboration with Creature Feature pins, and they’re a Maui dolphin from New Zealand and a Vaquita which hangs around the gulf of California – both of them are endangered, with the first having less than fifty individuals in the wild and the other having less than thirty. I love all of them, of course. The Tui bird is gorgeous and also comes as a necklace which I would honestly love to get my hands on – there are a number of good pins that would also make good necklaces.

FullSizeRender (6)

And here’s the last of the pinmail I got for the week! So I just want to point right at that Joey Morales pin which the wonderful Alumandink helped me get, since Joey Morales doesn’t have an online storefront. The Pink Samurai pin is a collab with Unicorn Crafts, and super cute~! All of the Pink Samurai and Friends pins are cute, honestly, and I want to get my hands on all of them. The Wall-E pins are Disney pins which Collect Random was reselling! I know her name is Eve but I keep thinking of her as Eva thanks to Wall-E and they’re so precious I want to watch the movie again (also please give me more M-O, Burn-E, and the other misfit robots. Also, I want a pin of Auto, honestly. I felt sorry for him.)


Also, also look at this good Iron Giant. I now own three Iron Giant pins (this one, the Pinaderia one, and the InkOne one) and gosh they’re all amazing and this one’s eyes glow in the dark. I’m actually whisper screaming just thinking about it. My robot collection grows, my friends. I choose to rock the robot uprising – in popularity (and I swear to god after I start making pins there will be robot pins). Also that joke might not be as funny as it sounded in my head but here we go on to what I love about this Iron Giant pin from Little Shop of Pins! It’s a 3D pin with a nice, clean design of an iconic sweetheart, and the enamel for the eyes? It glows, people. I know I already mentioned that but it’s super cool and I love it and I’m really hyped. I need to wear it in low light situations, obviously, and get the most out of this feature.

And that’s it for last week’s pinmail! Thank you for coming along with me on the ride~


Fullmetal ‘Flix

Soooooo. It’s had a few days to sit in my head and I’ve got to tell you that I have watched Fullmetal Alchemist. Not the anime, no… the Netflix movie.

Hello my favourite boy

So! First things first, I must say all of the casting was amazing and that Alphonse and Maes Hughes were perfect and beautiful and they have never done a single wrong thing in their lives and their moments were all also perfect. The only thing is… While the casting was all amazing (especially for that jackass Tucker), the acting was a bit… odd. They’re all great actors, they did a great job! But the way some of the scenes were done was strange. Like at the beginning, when Mrs. Elric dies. I understand not having an immediate reaction to her collapse, but when Ed shouts you kind of expect to see his expression change from a blank one to some sort of distress? Or maybe I missed some cue, but I was watching with one of my brothers and he questioned it too. I don’t understand what the thinking was behind that scene.


Before I go further, yes I’m going to talk about spoilers as per usual. Also, when I tried to watch the anime years ago, I really liked it! (I need to revisit it and actually finish, honestly.) But I also kept getting confused. Why? Because YouTube didn’t always actually add ‘Brotherhood’ to the title of the videos, so I was actually going back and forth between the two animes without realizing. I’d already determined that I should wait to see Brotherhood later if it was a separate show and then the uploaders sabotaged me. 8’D I don’t even remember what specifically clued me in, but I think it was shortly after Hughes’ death (which they included in the movie and WHY? The chimera was bad enough why did they have to destroy me like this!)


An important thing we have to go over before we continue is favourite FMA characters. I have a brief top fav list and it goes something like this.


Alphonse is perfect and precious and to be protected at all costs (also have you considered that that suit of armour is basically a mecha since Alphonse is kind of piloting it, it’s just it’s his soul doing the piloting instead of an actual body).


Maes Hughes is a perfect, beautiful man and good husband (and… I can’t even believe it happened but I prefer how he looks in the movie versus the anime, now? What is even happening).


And Major Armstrong is quite simply wonderful. You know what my only casting issue was? Major Armstrong. Why? Because they didn’t even need to cast him because they didn’t include him in the bloody movie. I kept waiting for him to show up and he didn’t! I was very upset. The time that went into making Envy’s weird wig could have gone into adding Armstrong into the story! Were they afraid to add sparkles? To add roses? To show off his very manly single curl? What was it, Netflix? What?

Me, being frustrated by the lack of Major Armstrong in this movie


The movie was also kind of weird about how Al ended up in the armour and how Ed lost his arm and leg. We see the child actors arranging everything (is ‘plus 15 other chemicals’ going to become a meme? “We need water, bread, dish soap, chocolate, plus fifteen other chemicals”) and beginning the transmutation, sure that they’re offering up everything they need to get their mom back, but…. then the room kind of ends up being destroyed? We don’t even see if they actually destroyed the house or if the tornado was only inside the room. Ed and Al end up on separate pieces of the floor and Al disappears into the tornado’s sides while they both scream for each other.


We actually return to this scene later via Ed having a nightmare, but in the nightmare he’s all grown up so unlike the anime, we do not see a child lose his limbs. But yeah after the tornado we skip to the fake miracle worker and… dear heavens the music choice for the scene where Ed is running away from the pillars was strange. It was like seeing a ‘x thing happens to unfitting music’ video on YouTube, but in a movie. It was like he was at a fair instead of running away from someone attempting to kill him.


My next point of weirdness was Winry. When she greets Al she doesn’t hug him, she just…. kind of presses up against the armour before stepping back? What kind of greeting is that? I know Al can’t feel the hug but oh my god. Please. A hug is a hug and should not be messed with. The second most important thing is actually the first one I noticed; while they could give blonde wigs to everyone else, Winry doesn’t get one? Is it because she isn’t part of the military? Is that why they didn’t give her a blonde wig too? I mean, maybe they felt it didn’t suit the actress, but still. It seems really weird for them to make sure the other blonde characters are blonde but she isn’t.

And surprising myself, I’m only going to really go for one more spoiler, towards the end of the movie, Ed sees Al’s body briefly. Al, of course, asks if he’s taller than Edward. Edward, who’s crying, nods, and what does Al say? “Aren’t I great?” I love this boy. That is absolutely the appropriate response to having confirmation that you’re taller than someone else. I do wish they’d shown Al with cats, though. The scene in the anime where he tries to smuggle cats in via his armour was precious.


So! All in all, if you haven’t seen the anime it’s a good if very weird movie. If you have seen the anime, it will probably be painful (the chimera and Hughes’ death will always be painful though because frick those were the worst). I’d definitely recommend checking it out if you need a weird, occasionally dark bit of entertainment in your night. And a good few laughs. 👍

Take Me With You – Make me feel

FullSizeRender (1)

There were four poetry titles in a box, and I could pick one. I didn’t really read the descriptions for them, I absolutely went by covers and titles, and this one drew me, so I took it. I don’t usually read poetry, or go through great amounts of it (exceptions are Robert Frost and Shel Silverstein), but this one is now added to my exception list.

Take Me With You by Andrea Gibson is just… amazing. I didn’t understand the message of some of the poems, some of the messages probably weren’t meant for me (either at this point of time or ever), but the majority of the poetry was unashamedly vulnerable, and some things pulled at me because I know them to be true. I ended up taking photos of sixteen different poems in this book which spoke to me, but my top favourite two were especially… relatable both is and isn’t the right word for them. The first I saw on the back cover after picking the book, and it reads

I said to the sun,

“Tell me about the Big Bang.”

The sun said,

“It hurts to become.”

How powerful is that? How true is that? I can’t even figure out all of the words to describe how that one piece of poetry makes me feel, but I do know that it’s beautiful.

The other poem I felt connected to (“loved” wouldn’t exactly be the right word) was

It’s okay.


Survival looks

A little bit like

Death sometimes.

Is it strange to say it felt like being heard, without being melodramatic about it? It’s not big and flashy, it’s quiet and creeps in like the exhaustion one has to keep working through while waiting for the day where it will go away. It felt like turning a page and seeing ‘it’s okay, I understand’. I mean, I know that I could just be seizing this and projecting meanings that weren’t meant to be there in some cases, but gosh… I’m so glad I picked this book. It made me think and it made me feel. It’s definitely worth a read. (Also the love poems at the front were beautiful, though a few were also a little bit shocking.)

March of Robots 2018 week 2

Here we are, at the end of week two, and here are the goods.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

So day 4 used a bit of a soft brush which wasn’t something I originally aimed to go for (it just ended up working?), but day 5 went straight back to just solid edges and accidentally wound up reminding me of both Pacific Rim and Neon Genesis Evangelion, whoops… Listening to Kill V. Maim on loop was so, so fun though. I love that song (Venus Fly is also very very good👌). And adding all the weird black ‘shading’ was also fun. 😀

Day 6 was inspired by the Erol Alkan remix of Waters of Nazareth by Justice, and also the dance group the Wrecking Crew Orchestra. Mainly this video:

I mean, the outfits are both interesting and a light show, it’s a group effort, and it’s impressive. It’s everything I love watching in a dance performance! (I also love watching the Jabbawockeez and Fik-shun.)

Day 7 was just inspired by me wanting to draw a robot driving, and then it wound up being accidentally apocalyptic in feel? 8’D Also if you’ve never listened to Depeche Mode you should because they’re great.

Day 8 was a bit of an odd one? It was partly inspired by Cruel by The Veronicas, but then also partially by my Bombshell Blonde picture, and Skeptical, and wanting to add rain for some reason. And also me holding my phone while thinking about what to draw.

Day 9 and 10 were kind of just… things that happened? I enjoyed making them, but they didn’t really feel like they drew inspiration from the songs specifically. They were just fun.

And that’s week two!

Pin mail of the week! 2

This week’s pinmail is so good, friends. So good.

First we’ve got Never Dot, Ashley Mackenzie, Disney, Star Wars, and Kelly Johnson pins. Let’s start with Ashley Mackenzie’s because wow her art is gorgeous. It’s a kirin, and comes in two variants – I got the teal one, and the charcoal one is sold out at the moment. I’m not one hundred percent sure if it will get restocked or not. The Star Wars pin is a storm trooper with a fake blaster that says ‘pew pew’ on a bit of white cloth, and funnily enough, a few days before it arrived, I saw someone at a store wearing a shirt with the design. Good timing all around, there. 👍 Next we have the Kelly Johnson pin, a little worried wolf that I won via a giveaway! 😀 I also really want to get ahold of her wolf head pin.  And finally for that day of pin mail, there’s an adorable pin from Never Dot. I got the Gerald in the Rain pin, but Agent Rex and Trevor the Knight look like equally adorable pins to get ahold of. 😀

FullSizeRender (3)

Day two’s mail was from two individuals – Lemoncreamsicle and Sarah Richard! As soon as I saw the Fruit and Fortune set I knew I absolutely needed it in my life, and since I couldn’t decide on just one the only thing I could do was get all four. 😉 I’m actually wearing the lemon one now. 😀 For the Sarah Richard pins, I’d been eyeing her pins for ages and just finally went and got them – I’m going to wear the haunted lake ones so much during October. 👌 The cricket will get much more wear, probably, and they all look lovely in my collection. ;D

Day three only had one pin but oh boy it’s such a good one! And great timing there, since I went to see Black Panther just the day before. 😉 So this one I ordered off eBay, as it was an opening day exclusive for the movie, and I love it so much. I mean, look at the transparent purple enamel that looks so nicely textured as a result! Look at how this is a really cool riveted ‘pin on pin’ design! It’s super cool and I’m so glad I was able to get ahold of one. 😀 Definitely a pin I want to wear when I go to see Infinity Wars. Now if only there were similarly cool Thor: Ragnarok pins…

FullSizeRender (5)

Yesterday’s pins were very, very good~ 👌 Firstly, look at that good haul! Second, I’ve been waiting for these for what feels like forever (but actually wasn’t unreasonably long for the bottom four – the Bismuth and Kermit pins were delayed in the mail but at least they are now here!) and I’m so glad to have my hands on them now. I mean, Bismuth was cool and I wish she’d had more time and also help (I do also really love Lion’s expression there), and then that Kermit pin is just 👌 Can’t wait to wear that one to work. 😀 Both of those pins are from the amazing Lymelight.designs! For the other pins, the next immediate one (which I got off of eBay) is that little Felix robot – I know someone named Felix, so of course I got one for myself and one for him. 😉 They’re absolutely tiny, it’s adorable and I love them. Like, one of them could basically fit between two of my knuckle joints.

The other three pins are so good and oh boy I’m so excited about them! I mean, I love Gargoyles, everyone should see Gargoyles, but SnotRocketCat actually made pins, thank god. Goliath and Elisa are hard enamel, Demona is soft enamel and Elisa especially seems so tiny since she doesn’t have wings. But gosh they are amazing and Goliath is going to be worn on all of my “I feel like watching Gargoyles!” days. I can’t wait until they make pins of the rest of the clan, especially Brooklyn (here’s hoping for an alternate version with his Future Tense outfit because that was… wow. That was a good look). I’m also hoping they make pins of the clone clan because I want Malibu. And someday, someday, I will make an antiqued silver 3D pin of Goliath in his stone sleep because gosh I need that to exist. Anyway! On to today’s pins!

FullSizeRender (8)

Work Hard Play Hard and the Crashlander pin were designed by Souther Salazar and sold through the Magic Pony gallery – I’ve actually been eyeing the Crashlander since fairly early on in my pin collecting journey, and I’m glad to have it in my collection now! 😀 The work hard play hard one was just amazing and one that I absolutely need to wear to work. As for the Oh Jessica Jessica pins… 👌 That is some A+ designing there, and I love how the style of the art makes me feel nostalgic and start thinking about tarot cards! 😀 I also love how I could wear them up against each other like that, or separated as collar pins.

So all together, this was a very good week for mail. 😀 Also just for pins in general, because my sister went to a trivia night with some of our coworkers and they happened to win a pin of their choice – and then they were all amazing and gave it to me. 8D So now I’ve got a wooden pin of Bastion’s tank form from Overwatch!


Which caused me to realize that Zenyatta is the only actual robot (Genji only looks like a robot. >8( ) main character from Overwatch to have pins. Where are the other Bastion pins that should exist? And Orisa and all those other cool omnics from the comics? Gimme robots, dang it!

Throwback Thursday courtesy of SketchClub

Out of the variety of drawing apps I have played around with since first getting an iPod touch way back in the mists of time, the ones that have stuck with me are Procreate, SketchClub, and ArtRage, by order of favouritism. Of course, SketchClub came first, out of the three. It looked interesting on the app store, I don’t remember if it was free, but I downloaded it and had a lot of fun, even if I was mainly messing around with the various soft brushes instead of what would become my one true love in the app: the vector tool. Now, unlike other vector art programs where it’s an anxiety-inducing jungle of steps to figure out for a newbie, it just follows your fingertip. Sure, you won’t get perfect traced paths, but this is something I can live with. While I love using Procreate, sometimes it just can’t beat the soothing process of drawing your fingertip across the screen and having a swathe of colour follow, looking completely smooth.

So, as people post “throwback Thursday” things every so often, I thought I’d post some of my favourite SketchClub pieces I’ve done!

FullSizeRender (2)

The motorcycle is the oldest of the pictures, and was done over the course of five hours I think it was, on my iPod touch screen with a lot of zooming in and using the vector tool like a smooth brush to create each different layer of shading for that entire bike. It was a labour of love, let me tell you. The other pictures are more in line with the kind of style I love to go for in Procreate – clear shapes (except when the gradient function is on because oh boy do I love the gradient option), details, and usually bright colours somewhere in there.

The Voodoo and Florence + the Machine pictures were done to songs (the Florence one is self-explanatory, the Voodoo one was to a variety of songs by Diablo Swing Orchestra), and both of them were featured on SketchClub back when I uploaded them to the community there (more recently, my Bombshell Blonde picture for March of Robots got featured and I’m still extremely excited about it).

FullSizeRender (5)

The stand alone image here was inspired by Grimes’ Venus Fly song, and I’m still really fond of it, honestly. I love how sharp it looks!

The last two images are fan art for Samurai Jack and Steamworld Heist respectively – I love Samurai Jack, and Aku is such a fun and interesting villain. I’m fairly disappointed by what happened with Jack and his… love interest in the final season, but oh Aku had some great moments. Aku has never let me down, unlike a certain samurai. As for the Steamworld Heist picture, that one is for Fen, a DLC character who I became ridiculously attached to (I’m still attached to her. I mean, look at her great design!)

This has been a brief run through time and space conducted by yours truly. May your Thursday be a lovely one!

Flowers and skeletons and SAVEs

After listening to Luxiay Kuragon’s Sans and Papyrus Drop Pop Candy (also check out this animation) and JT Machinima’s To the Bone songs, I’ve been thinking about Undertale again (and avoiding thinking too much about Gaster because oh boy. Oh boy I’ve got feelings about the variety of fan theories I’ve read for him). And of course, with thinking about it again comes the urge to replay it and then it’s just…

9c0bc6d5d50e62c What am I thinking? I mean, on the one hand, yes, play the game again and enjoy the characters all over again! But on the other hand… This game did a really good job of guilting me into not playing it again. I don’t know if you’ve ever played Undertale but you should probably leave this post if you don’t want spoilers because oh boy. Firstly,  with replaying the game I’d feel guilty because of poor Sans. In this game, you’ve got the power to save the game, and that’s all standard right? Except one of the first characters you encounter, a fairly innocent looking flower, also has the power to save. And he’s been saving for years and reloading things so he can mess with everyone and they won’t remember. Except one person does remember; Sans the skeleton. He remembers every single reset and if that isn’t tragic enough to make you feel guilty for replaying a game I don’t know what is. The game went straight into overkill from there, as far as I’m concerned, by having the flower (who’s actually the prince that died years ago) beg you not to put everyone through it again, and if you did, to make him forget too and oh boy. OH BOY. giphy2

We’re all fine here, I’m absolutely not crying. What makes it worse is that with Undertale, you’ve got three possible endings. You have to play through the neutral story at least once to be able to get the pacifist storyline, so of course I did that which is when I was hit right with all that overkill. It also actually made me feel guilty for doing the pacifist route but I just really really wanted to have a play through where no on died, okay? The third route is one I never want to play, the No Mercy route where you wipe out everyone. My neutral route had me accidentally kill Toriel, the second character you meet in the game, and I still feel extremely guilty over an accident (how would I even survive the No Mercy route) because this game is a masterpiece that’s really, really good at getting you invested. What’s worse is that when I reloaded my save file so that Toriel wouldn’t die, the flower, Flowey, popped out of nowhere to tell me about how he knew my terrible secret and that changing it would mean she wouldn’t remember, but we still would. What a kick in the emotional guts that was. 👍 But hey! Instead of just talking about how this game made me feel the most videogame-induced guilt in my life, let me tell you about how good it is and why I look for vids of people playing it so I can experience it again that way.

The story has the character, Frisk fall down into the Underground. We’re never told why Frisk went up to the top of the mountain, or how they fell, but there are so many fan theories about it. We also don’t know, to begin with, that the character’s name is Frisk. This is mainly because we get to name the character so we think this is going to be like any other videogame (an assumption that was completely destroyed for me as soon as Flowey popped up to inform me that all my sins be remember’d). Toriel guides us through the tutorial level (because of course she does), and she offers to give Frisk a home, but Frisk wants to get back to their actual home, so they have to fight Toriel to leave. Or rather, not fight. If you don’t want to kill her, then for the love of creation do not actually attack her at any point. She’ll eventually just let you go.



After that point, you end up meeting Papyrus and Sans, the skeleton brothers. Papyrus is tall, has a really weird outfit on, and is obsessed with catching a human so he can join the Royal Guard. He’s also convinced that his delicious spaghetti will assist him in trapping you (it’s frozen solid). Of course, things aren’t helped by the fact that Papyrus is truly a very friendly soul – at one point, after you escape for the first time and he finds you, he asks you to ask for permission next time because he was worried sick when you were missing. He also does like things to be clean. Sans, on the other hand, has a bit of a messy room and will leave his socks laying around. He’s also very fond of puns and pranks, and if I’m remembering rightly, one of the books in their house is a science book, which has a joke book hidden inside, which I think had another science book hidden inside that? I know there were at least two books. Also, Sans likes to drink ketchup because he’s a weirdo (a weirdo who’s depressed because he remembers every reset including the ones where Papyrus was killed and holy heck this game balanced lighthearted and sad very very well).


After you meet them though, and become extremely attached to Papyrus the sweetheart (you have the option of going on a date with him, and after a very entertaining sequence you both decide that you’re just not ready for it, and he makes it his mission to find you someone who is almost as great as he is), you end up meeting Undyne. And oh man, she’s super super tough. She chases you around for awhile, and then you have to fight her and it’s difficult, and parts of the fight actually involve running away again until you’re in Hotland (the previous area was Snowdin because the king is really really bad with naming things). Once you get there Undyne becomes dehydrated, so you give her water and she leaves. Honestly, my favourite thing for this fight is this video. (Be warned there is a bit of swearing at the end.)

We see Undyne again later when Papyrus takes you along to meet her because she gives him one on one cooking lessons since she knew he really wasn’t the sort of person who would be able to fight other people seriously. She’s really not happy that you show up, and Papyrus jumps out the window to give you two time alone to get to know each other, and even though her house is on fire by the end of it, you somehow end up being friends?

mettatonI’m not going to go into everything but here I have to skip to tell you about my other favourite character; Mettaton. When we first meet him, it seems that he is a crazy killer robot intent on wiping you out and making sure that the audience for the TV show gets to see every moment of it. We go through a variety of locations with him, including the set for a play where he’s in a dress and acts as if you’re star crossed lovers, and a cooking show where he intends to add you as part of the meal and you have to race to the top of a really precarious tower of drawers to get a can of something that can simulate the taste he’s going for.


In the final confrontation area though, not only do we find out that he’s got a fabulous extra form tucked away in there (his theme song is actually called Death by Glamour), but the act was for the benefit of Doctor Alphys, who built his robot body for him. He’s been consuming any human media he could get ahold of for years – old anime DVDs that came down the waterfall and things like that. Instead of being a snail ranch owner like his cousin Napstablook, he wanted to be a star, both in the Underground and up in the human world. Only, when you’ve beaten him and his limbs have all fallen off, he takes a final series of callers for the show, and the first one is Napstablook, who’s quiet and talks about how he’ll miss him, and then feels bad for taking up too much time and hangs up. Mettaton tries to get him to call back, but he only gets other fans talking about how much they love him, so he chooses to stay in the Underground for now because he’s the only star they’ve got. Also later he grabs Napstablook and Shyren and forms a band.

This game is worth playing, especially when the fights are hard (and oh boy are some of them very hard, especially the final one). The story and characters are so full of heart and you can’t help but love them. On that note, I’m going to leave you with the image from Papyrus’ Steam trading card. He’s a cool dude.




Connecting to the OASIS: part 1


So I’ve been reading Ready Player One. I’m on page 190 (basically halfway through), and I currently know two major things. First, “Willy Wonka meets the Matrix” is an entirely accurate description, and second, neither Artemis or Percival do not know how to handle relationships.

Before I explain, I just want to note that I was pleasantly startled by the fact his username on the OASIS, the giant virtual reality world, was Parzival, as my name actually comes from Parzival by Wolfram von Eschenbach, so I was already aware of that spelling of the name.

So! This book is a page turner, and let me get to why “Willy Wonka meets the Matrix” is such an accurate description. First off, the world is experiencing an energy crisis, animals are going extinct left right and center, and trailer parks aren’t trailer parks anymore – they’re the Stacks. Trailers are piled on top of each other to make towering monstrosities that people live in, and our main character, Wade, lives in them too since neither of his parents could afford to live in a city. He lost them while he was a child, but throughout his whole life he has had the OASIS, the virtual reality created by the Steve Jobs of videogames, James Halliday, who was obsessed with the 80’s and made planets for Star Wars and Star Trek and Back to the Future and all the other major 80’s media players in his virtual world. Only, when he died, leaving behind a fortune and control of the OASIS, he left a puzzle as well. Whoever could find three keys and beat their gates fastest would inherit his fortune and the OASIS. So instead of Willy Wonka actually being alive to facilitate the journey and present the prize, James Halliday does it from beyond the grave – and the first key’s guardian was actually a lich king, so… But to actually figure out the clues, a lot of dedicated individuals researched the hell out of the 80’s, bringing it right back into fashion as the ‘gunters’ (James Halliday Easter Egg hunters) searched for clues everywhere. I would like to pause here to mention that the Discworld series and Terry Pratchett are mentioned in this book and that this made me very very happy. Like, the sort of happy that results in you going to each of your siblings and both of your parents to individually inform them that this has occurred.

But back to the hunt. Five years in, everyone’s starting to think it might be a myth and no one’s ever going to find the copper key, let alone the other two, but it doesn’t stop evil internet provider IOI from sending all their Sixers (Suxorz) to keep looking, since they want to turn the OASIS into a subscription based, ad-riddled thing that would completely destroy what it’s about as they can censor what people see and limit what they can do. Ha ha wow the book sounds like the whole creation of IOI is just to side-eye every decision made in regards to the internet we know and love (and sometimes focus all of our irritation on). Wade, a low level gunter who has no credits to go anywhere and level up his avatar, goes from zero to hero when he cracks the riddle, and then goes and defeats the lich king and gets the key. He wasn’t the first to crack the riddle though, it was his cyber-crush Artemis who he absolutely does not stalk via her blog, but she had trouble with the arcade game she had to beat the lich king at, so she gets second place on the scoreboard, rather than first.

Of course things brings old evil IOI right down onto his case, and he finds out that all of the sixers have hacked immersion rigs which automatically given them an enormously unfair advantage, and even more importantly, he finds out the company is willing to kill the top five scorers to eliminate their competition. This is discovered by the fact that they blow up a few of the Stacks to try and kill him, and make it look like an accident. Fortunately he wasn’t there, and by this point Wade’s newfound fame has resulted in his getting some money, so he books it and changes all of his information so they can’t track him down in the real world, hopefully. And while that goes on… he starts hanging out with Artemis, and not paying attention to the hunt, and then when they go to the birthday party of Halliday’s old business partner, Wade blurts out that he loves Artemis.

While I’m still reading, the whole interaction they have just really bothers me. On the one hand, it seems unfair for Artemis to claim that Wade has no idea what love is, because I highly doubt she’s any better informed. Being scared of starting a relationship while you’re currently rivals for a fortune is one thing, but telling someone that they don’t understand what something is and can’t possibly understand it is another. On the other hand, Wade’s immediate reaction made me extremely uncomfortable. He starts getting accusatory, and he talks like they’re a couple when they had never discussed it and Artemis had definitely never agreed to be his girlfriend. From what I’m currently recalling in my rattled state, he even starts trying to make her feel guilty. Fortunately this is all interrupted by the Sixers busting into the party and trying to kill both Artemis and Wade, but oh boy. I really hope we don’t have any more immature, emotionally manipulative, unsettling scenes like that in the book.

Part two of this post is probably going to be me loudly complaining about how there is another scene or two like this where he just assumes the sale with someone else’s feelings and gets upset when he’s told he’s wrong in his assumptions. I mean, there are feelings there, and she did kiss him so it’s entirely possible that she reciprocates his romantic feelings, but communication is important, boyo, and you can’t just go leaping to conclusions and speaking from those conclusions.

So this is part one of the post, and I’m gonna post it now so you can read all of my feelings.

The sun in a teacup


Hello dear internet, I have finally watched more than two episodes of Over the Garden Wall. In fact, I finished watching the entire show, and wow. It’s as creepy as Fantastic Planet (La Planète sauvage) and the perfect sort of Halloween show. Which… is why I’m watching it as Easter approaches because hey who needs the rules? Just like with my Altered Carbon post, please keep in mind that I’m going to be rambling and that this is going to have spoilers.

It’s a strange creepy little fairy tale of a story contained in ten episodes that are about ten to twelve minutes long, where two brothers end up in a forest without knowing quite how they got there, only that they’re trying to find their way home. Wirt, the older brother, panics. Greg, his younger step-brother, isn’t really worried and is just confident that they’ll find their way home. The two brothers, and the frog Greg has but can’t decide on a name for, come across a woodsman who’s a bit strange (and obsessed with a lantern that apparently holds his daughter’s soul), which leads to Wirt becoming convinced that he’s going to try and kill them at the first opportunity, so they should knock him out and run away. The woodsman offers to guide them after he’s made more oil for the lantern out of Edelwood, which comes from these really weird trees that have faces and weep oil (and wow, what they actually are makes them even creepier, I can hardly believe this was aired on Cartoon Network, the land of Dexter’s Laboratory, Powerpuff Girls, and Teen Titans). While he’s busy doing that, Greg goes outside to find his frog, currently called Kitty, while Wirt calms himself down. Only to have to be wound right back up when this giant wolf with freaky glowing eyes attacks Greg and busts into the house. Greg, following Wirt’s earlier plan, knocks out the woodsman before he can attack the dog, and they have to run from it, busting up most of the mill in the process before ending with the wolf coughing out a strange, light-absorbing turtle and turning back into a friendly dog. The woodsman is understandably upset about his place being wrecked and tells the boys that they have to leave, but he gives them directions to a nearby town and tells them to be careful, to beware of the Beast, and to please give the frog a better name than Kitty.

What’s the Beast? We don’t know yet at that point, but after the boys go through a weird town full of skeletons dressed up as pumpkins (where Wirt temporarily freaks himself out thanks to their new bluebird friend Beatrice, who accidentally convinces him that they’re digging their own graves and are going to be buried alive, or even worse, murdered and then buried), they eventually find out that the Beast is something that frightens all of the inhabitants of the Unknown, as it takes people away and never gives them back, and it can be identified by the lantern it carries and the fact that it only misdirects so that people remain lost forever. Of course, Beatrice and the boys immediately think that this means the Woodsman is the Beast, which means that they disregard the warnings he gives them later (which is good for the Beast, not so much for the boys).


Beatrice is supposed to be guiding them, taking them to someone named Adelaide who should be able to help them find their way home – only, after a variety of strange adventures (like matchmaking for a weird couple that have mansions so massive they didn’t realize the other person’s mansion existed, so they thought the other was a ghost. Or riding on a ferry full of high society frogs) Beatrice doesn’t want them to go to Adelaide’s anymore. The reason for it? Well Adelaide isn’t actually going to help them find their way home. Beatrice made a deal with her to get a pair of magical scissors to snip off the wings of herself and her family (since they were all cursed to be bluebirds after Beatrice threw a rock at a bluebird) and turn them back into humans again. The price of the scissors was a child to do some work for her, only Adelaide reveals that she actually wants a child servant. The timing is terrible because Wirt and Greg enter the house at that moment, and Adelaide binds them up in yarn before revealing that she works for the Beast. Desperate, Beatrice opens the window and the night air melts Adelaide to nothing, but by that point Wirt and Greg have escaped and Wirt is upset and saying he shouldn’t have ever trusted anyone. In TV show big brother fashion, he blames everything on Greg before they encounter the woodsman, then flee and end up at a seemingly abandoned house. There they encounter Adelaide’s sister, Auntie Whispers, who is actually a good person, unlike her sister. Of course, it doesn’t look like that in the beginning since she eats turtles and the boys think that she eats people – only it’s actually Lorna, who isn’t enslaved like they thought, but possessed by a spirit that is controlled via a magical bell that Auntie Whispers has. Of course, Greg’s frog eats the bell and Wirt uses it to save Lorna from the spirit before they leave.

Eventually, Wirt loses hope and Greg has a strange dream which ends in his apologizing to Wirt for getting them into the whole mess (he tried to deliver Wirt’s tape of clarinet music and poetry to his crush on Halloween, back when this all began) and asking him to look after the frog. Then he goes to the Beast, who sets tasks for him which Greg creatively answers – a spiderweb is silver thread, a honeycomb is the golden comb. Of course, poor Greg is then tasked with taking the sun and putting it in a teacup, and then the Beast waits for Greg to die of cold. While he’s slowly freezing to death, he starts to turn into an Edelwood tree because people who lose all hope or willpower, or die in the forest, turn into the trees, so the Woodsman had been chopping up people for all of those years in his quest to keep the lantern lit to keep his daughter alive. Wirt, who had run after Greg, fell through ice and was retrieved by a fish who was fishing, and then he’s dropped off with Beatrice’s family to warm up and eat some dirt before he takes off in search of Greg. He finds Beatrice, who had seen Greg, and together they set off. They find him after the Woodsman fights with the Beast over the lantern (after telling it that they cannot trade children’s lives like tokens). Wirt picks up the lantern, and the Beast tries to make a deal with him, which Wirt realizes is dumb and… he correctly guesses that the actual soul in the lantern is the Beast’s, not the Woodsman’s daughter’s. Wirt returns the lantern to the Woodsman and goes to free Greg and leave, and the Beast tries to convince the Woodsman to keep the lantern burning. He turns, and we briefly see the Beast, which looks like it’s made out of Edelwood (lots of faces and holes), and then he blows out the lantern.


Wirt then wakes up underwater in the river he and Greg fell into on Halloween. He retrieves Greg and their frog, then swims to the riverbank and climbs out. They’re then taken to the hospital, and it’s still Halloween, not too long after they fell in, so they’re safe and fine… but the frog still has the bell inside it that makes it glow, somehow. So everyone gets a happy ending, since Wirt gets to talk with his crush, Greg has his frog, Beatrice has her family back, the Woodsman has his daughter back, and Auntie Whispers and Lorna are safe. It was a good show and I really liked it, and even though he was creepy I think the Beast was my favourite character – mainly when it was a silhouette only. It had a really nice voice, okay, and it’s fictional. I do wish they had explained how the Beast’s soul wound up in the lantern, though.

I’d definitely recommend giving the show a try!

Discovered and desired pins: 6

I’m starting this one with an artist I’ve followed for a little while (and acquired some pins from – mainly via his pin club): Mamobot! I mentioned him in my recent pin mail post, and if the cute witch boy and Chinese New Year Meowth in that post didn’t convince you to check out his other stuff, let me allow you to show you the other super cute pins I want to get from his shop.

I also really want Studio Goo’s Bad Bun pin.


I also want these pins that are available on Circus Posterous!

Do you love Pokemon Ditto? Do you feel that everything could be improved with that expression of polite interest (or possibly internal screaming)? Magical Maidens has you covered. The one I need the most is the Laputa robot. Robots are my favourite and the collection must grow. @v@


So I’ve mentioned iam8bit before (in regards to Monument Valley pins), but I recently started playing Warframe (I have a Volt warframe and he’s beautiful) and discovered that they’ve got pins. Of course, I need all of them but gosh, look at my pretty little Volt!

IMG_4182A shop I’ve been aware of for awhile (mainly because of their corkies) is Bunce and Bean, and they’re very into Harry Potter (which is fabulous because gosh they have a whole set of pins for places in the books)!

Evah Fan’s shop has some cute things, and I love these pins. 😀

Also check out Beaglescout’s Good Animals pins! (I really love the tiger with the black enamel!)


And to round it off…. Cwilock’s DRAWER pins. These pins are incredibly relatable, honestly (and super cute), though the actual dresser makes me think of Green Hornet with that terrible ‘you’re a good drawer’ line that still makes me cringe just thinking about it. 👌