Oh lord not the cupcakes!

A short while ago, my sister asked me to draw some pictures for a post she was planning to write about these chocolate cupcakes (which were really rather delicious), and I agreed.

And days went by.

And I puzzled over how to draw the head for these cartoony renditions of my sis.

Finally, I sat down with my sister across the table from me, and started drawing. It looked something like this.


It was just less horrifying and with less of the bloodshot eyes. However, it did go on for three hours. One and a half hours of which were spent doing a semi-realistic drawing of my sister, which was difficult and required about three reference photos because she isn’t really one for posing (which is good for when one is practicing capturing movement in quick little sketches, but rather horrific when one is attempting to capture a certain pose with as much detail as possible). Thankfully, the picture was done with only mild hassle, and I was rather pleased with the results.

This makes it a success, despite how stressed I actually felt at the time. My Mom says it’s good practice for when I actually get commissioned, and while I can admit to the truth of this this most of the time, when I am experiencing such frustrations I simply do not wish to hear Those Words.

In the end though, all is well because I get chocolate cupcakes, my sister gets her pictures, and you get her post.


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